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International Options


Sampling Options

The core student target population is eighth grade students. If there is sufficient interest by countries, an option might be offered to assess students in the final year of secondary school. Work is currently underway to produce a set of options and recommendations (sampling, content, assessment design and linking) for consideration by countries.

The defined teacher target population is eighth grade teach­ers of all subjects. An option to oversample teachers of civic-related subjects is planned.


Regional Student Instruments

The establishment of regional modules was one of the unique features of ICCS 2009. It allowed countries from a common geographic region to develop additional test and questionnaire material designed to measure particular aspects of civic and citizenship education that were regarded as highly relevant for the region but not included in the international instruments. Regional instruments (cognitive as well as contextual) were administered to participating students directly after the administration of the international test and questionnaire material (up to 30 minutes of materials). The regional reports can be found at the Publications page.


As in ICCS 2009, the addition of regional modules was pursued to provide a better match between the cycles. As general tendency, interested NRCs at the first and second meeting decided that, in contrast to ICCS 2009, regional instruments for 2016 will include questionnaire items only.


In summary, the following forms of regional components will be administered in ICCS 2016:

  • European regional student questionnaire (international option): A substantially revised and strengthened European student questionnaire has been included in the field trial material and all participating European countries plan to administer this component.
  • Latin American student questionnaire (international option): A slightly revised Latin American questionnaire has been included in the field trial material. All participating Latin American countries plan to administer this component.
  • Asian student questionnaire (national option): Given a relatively small number of participants in the Asian region, an Asian regional component could only be included as a (common) national option.