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It is proposed to undertake the main data collection for the second cycle of ICCS in 2015 in the participating countries of the Southern Hemisphere (SH) and in 2016 in the participating countries of the Northern Hemisphere (NH). Detailed information on the project timeline is shown in the table below.


Milestone Time frame
Framework development January to September 2013
Instrument development October 2013 to September 2014
Field trial October to December 2014
Main survey preparation January to September 2015
Main survey: SH countries October to December 2015
Main survey: NH countries February to April 2016
Data compilation and analysis June to November 2016
International Report 7 November 2017
European Report 7 November 2017
Latin-American Report Spring 2018
Technical Report Spring 2018
International Database May 2018
User Guide May 2018