ICCS 2009

ICCS 2009 was designed as a baseline study for future cycles of ICCS. Like its predecessor, ICCS 2009 included a student test of civic knowledge and understanding, as well as questionnaires for students, teachers, and school principals.  With 38 countries participating from around the globe, data gathered from more than 140,000 Grade 8 students and 62,000 teachers in over 5300 schools provided evidence that revealed considerable variation among and within countries about the provision of civic and citizenship education, as well as civic knowledge of students, but also indicated that large majorities of students in all countries strongly endorse democratic values and institutions. The comprehensive core assessment was complemented by three regional modules for Asia, Europe, and Latin America, designed to flexibly recognize local interest and to investigate cultural aspects of civic and citizenship education, particularly in light of the growing impact of the processes of globalization and changing contexts of democracy and civic participation. Finally, a civic and citizenship education encyclopedia, a technical report, and an international database accompanied by a comprehensive user guide allowed the broader research community to use the ICCS data for in-depth analyses.

ICCS 2009 Assessment Framework
ICCS 2009 International Report

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