Events: Conferences and events in 2018

Please find upcoming conferences and events that are related to ICCS 2016 and/or civic an citizenship, civic knowledge etc. below:

CIES, Mexico City, Mexico, 25-29 Mar 2018,
Sun, March 25, 3:00 to 6:00 pm
Pre-Conference Workshop, Falk Brese, IEA: IEA PIRLS 2016 and ICCS 2016: Utilizing IEA’s most recent data on reading literacy and civic education for secondary analysis

Tue, March 27, 1:15 to 2:45 pm
Individual presentation, Clara Beyer and Falk Brese, IEA:  Changes in attitudes towards minority groups: Trend analysis using IEA ICCS 2016 and 2009 data

AERA 2018 (New York, US, 13-17 Apr 2018):
ICCS 2016 symposium Sun, April 15, 10:35am to 12:05pm
Wolfram Schulz, John G. Ainley, ACER: Students' Attitudes Toward Equality Opportunities, Trust in Civic Institutions, and Endorsement of Religious Influence
Gabriella Agrusti Università di Roma LUMSA, Bruno Losito, Valeria Damiani, Roma Tre University, Tim Friedman, ACER: Contexts for Civic and Citizenship Education at the Level of Education System and Schools
Julian M.S. Fraillon, Eveline Gebhardt, Wolfram H. Schulz, ACER: Extent and Variation of Lower Secondary Students' Civic Knowledge and Changes Since 2009
John G. Ainley, Eveline Gebhardt, Wolfram H. Schulz, ACER: Indicators of Engagement Among Lower Secondary Students in International Comparison

INZENTIM & EARLI SIG 13, Essen, Germany, 27-29 Aug 2018: