The launch event of the Latin American results from ICCS 2016 took place on April 11, 2018, in Lima in cooperation with the Ministry of Education of Peru. It gathered a number of high-level experts and stakeholders connected to the field of civic and citizenship education (CCE).

The Latin American addition to ICCS 2016 offers a unique insight regarding key features of the national contexts for the five participating countries: Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Dominican Republic and Peru. The report shows that the way in which civic and citizenship education (CCE) is represented on countries’ national curricula differs and is strongly influenced by their historical and political backgrounds.

Speaking at the launch, Mr Ralph Carstens, Project Director ICCS 2016 at IEA said, "We believe that the valid, reliable and comparable data provided by ICCS will enable countries and researchers to evaluate the strengths of educational policies and measure progress towards goals. Policy makers, schools and teachers will want to discuss what kind of active and critical citizenship they should help foster and develop."

This was re-enforced by one of the panel members, Dr María Teresa Meléndez Irigoyen, Area Director at the National Institute for Educational Evaluation in Mexicostating, “It´s very important that part of the Latin American region was joined by the topic of the Citizenship Education because we can begin to make changes and this connection will be more significant if new countries participate in ICCS 2022.

It´s a wise decision that the IEA organized a Latin American launch inviting people from the countries of the region that participated in the Survey. Everybody can hear its findings and reflect on the kind of outcomes that are important because of the educative, social and political environment of their countries. It was also interesting to hear the views of journalists from both the participating and non-participating countries so we can discuss the theme with very different perspectives and interests.

Employees from the National Institute for Educational Evaluation (INEE) in Mexico could follow the launch by web stream and are now asking for more information about the survey. Thanks to the launch, people now know about the outcomes of the study. We need to monitor the impact of the findings."

Ms Elisa Salinas, International Studies Unit Coordinator at the Education Quality Assurance Agency in Chile commented, “The launch event in Lima was a great opportunity to share impressions and reflect on the results of the ICCS Latin American module. These depict a challenging scenario in civic and citizenship education in the region, especially regarding students’ civic knowledge and perceptions of institutions and government. Interesting opportunities for collaboration between countries arise from this evidence regarding the in-depth analysis of this data.”

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